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Why Sell with an HB Roswell Realty Realtor?
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ways to maximize your showings:
  1. Reduce clutter and remove personal items
  2. Make your home available as much as possible
  3. Leave or step out during showings
  4. Prep/stage your home
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HB Roswell Realty would like to tell you a little secret. Real estate is not rocket science. You can sell your home as well as any realtor if you :

  • Have a lot of time to take phone calls and answer questions weekdays and weekends morning to night.
  • Available to show by never going on vacation or out of town and rarely leave the house on weekdays or weekends
  • Have access to large international marketing resources like the MLS
  • Have knowledge of putting contracts together
  • Know how to convince buyers that get buyer remorse that they are making the right decision

Here is another tidbit. Any realtor can sell as well as HB Roswell Realty if:

  • They come from 10 years of full-time print/web marketing experience
  • Have a team system to ensure that a property is available to show whenever a buyer wants to see it
  • Have dedicated office staff that ensure that marketing activities are conducted repeatedly and consistently. Those two are the biggest failures of the average real estate agent
  • Have core values that are aligned with the needs of their sellers
  • Have a web presence as elaborate as HB Roswell Realty
  • Have the dozens of testimonials to back their claims of bringing customer satisfaction