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REO Specialized Services
REO services is both very specialized and time-consuming. HB Roswell Realty has set up and trained the proper staff to ensure that all aspects of REO management and sales process go as smoothly as possible.

Any HB Roswell Realty broker working with you on your REO sales transaction will have a few dozen REO sales under his/her belt and will be responsible for every aspect of the transaction. While other firms might utilize third parties to conduct valuations, HB Roswell Realty believes that the broker's experience and true pulse of the local market make it essential that the broker is performing the valuations. In addition, the broker conducts all initial and post-repair inspections, including cash-for-keys personally to ensure he has full knowledge of the property and to establish an amicable relationship with the tenant. He will utilize the rest of the team as per below.

Office Staff
HB Roswell Realty has 2 dedicated full-time office staff that help obtain HOA information, process all
expense reports, obtain regular feedback on properties, enter and/or audit listings on a regular basis, and
conduct repetitive daily, weekly and monthly marketing tasks assigned by the Broker to ensure maximum visibility of all listings.

Third-Party Vendors
HB Roswell Realty has relationships with quality, insured and reasonably-priced vendors for all aspects of an REO transaction, including trash-out, initial and sales cleaning, handiwork, major repairs, pool service, title work, permit issues, evictions and more.
Open Houses
HB Roswell Realty understands that open houses are essential, especially for single family home sales. We conduct a minimum of 1-2 open houses per month.
  Local Foreclosure Laws
We understand that we are our asset managers’ eyes and ears and thus keep a very close eye on changes in foreclosure laws, especially as they pertain to the city, county and states issues such as landlord/tenant laws and certificates of use.

  Association Guidelines
Condominium associations are yet another party that can make a sale smooth or difficult. HB Roswell Realty’s staff understands the red tape that goes into getting association cooperation and approval.

  Quick Sale
We work with each asset manager to determine the bank’s needs

Repairs can be an essential part of maximizing the net sale price of a listing. We will always recommend the repairs that will offer the bank the highest net sale and then will let the bank decide if they want to go that route or sell as-is.